Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) Complaints


The Registrar of Seafarers primarily deals with crew issues including complaints regarding things such as accommodation, food, repatriation, working hours, payment of medical expenses, and mediating on wage disputes. The Registrar is available to all crew on all vessels, even those that are fully privately registered where the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) may not apply.

The Maritime Authority of Jamaica plays an active role in disputes to protect the interests of both the yacht owner and the seafarer.  The Authority strives to ensure that both parties can reach a mutually satisfactory solution to any dispute.


When reporting a complaint or a dispute, it is important to provide the Registrar with as much information as possible including a copy of the contract, any supporting information, a contact to speak to on your behalf, and express permission to do so.

Contact the Registrar of Seafarers:

Registrar of Seafarers


Phone:     +1.561.922.9261 (USA)

Phone:     +1.876.967.1060 (Jamaica)

Fax:           +1.876.922.5765 (Jamaica)