Jamaica takes a unique approach towards manning, by being realistic and practical.  The Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) has established manning scales based upon a series of different operating categories.  These scales take into consideration the true nature of a yacht's use and not those of a typical merchant ship.

IMO "White List"


As a member of the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) "White List," Jamaica recognizes and endorses many of the world's existing merchant mariner and yachting certifications.  


This includes licenses from the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and other major seafarer nations.

MCA "Y" Tickets


As a member of the British Commonwealth, Jamaica accepts qualifications issued under the MCA's yachting program.


Holders of documents such as the Yachtmaster, MEOL, and AEC may serve on commercial and private charter yachts under the Jamaican flag.  There are no additional examinations required. 



There are no restrictions on the nationality of the captain, officers, or crew.  For those serving on commercial and private charter yachts, Jamaica accepts seaman discharge books issued by any authority.  In the absence of a seaman's book, one may be easily obtained through the MAJ.